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We make food fun. Robots eliminate repetitive tasks and allow more time for humans to be creative. We are pioneering a whole new industry in the most delicious way possible.

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Our team's culture

We believe anything is possible if people try their best, are humble and look for ways to get better all the time.

"The first food making robot I built made Indian food, the kind of food my wife and I eat at home. I could push a few buttons, then go and watch TV, and my curry was made automatically. It has been a fun journey since those early beginnings! We've assembled an all-star team where every member has been hand picked and evolved the technology dramatically. Its amazing how happy you are when you are surrounded by some incredible people."

Dr Deepak Sekar
Founder + CEO

Ready to change the food industry?

In ten years, the world will make its food very differently from how it is doing now. Restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and even homes will all produce delicious and healthy food with minimal effort, thanks to robotics technology. If this journey excites you, please write to us at!

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