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I’ve been enjoying my new and exciting role as the vice president of foodservice sales at Chowbotics. Before officially joining Chowbotics, I was instantly impressed by the extensive time spent developing a market-ready product prior to formally bringing on a sales team. Our first product, Sally the Salad Robot, makes fresh, customizable salads in about a minute and holds up to 22 ingredients, providing users with thousands of salad options. I feel fortunate to work at a company and with a product that is truly revolutionizing the foodservice industry.

The team’s commitment to create and perfect the robot prior to bringing on a sales team has helped to accelerate the development of our sales organization. My biggest challenge at Chowbotics is keeping up with interest from potential customers and partners (but it’s a challenge I’m happy to take on!). Our sales team continues to grow, and I’ve been impressed by the high caliber candidates I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s been a joy to interview individuals who share the same enthusiasm and high standards as the rest of the Chowbotics’ team.

Across the departments at Chowbotics – hardware, software, sales and executives – everyone is professional and passionate. It’s a high energy place to work, with people constantly stepping up and performing at the highest level imaginable. As I continue to build out my sales team, I’d love to hear from you if you think you’re the perfect fit! And if you’re interested in purchasing a Sally the Salad robot, we’re pleased to announce that, through June, you can purchase a robot a receive a complimentary storage stand, customized wrap and marketing materials, and free shipping and installation – a $5,000 value.

Warren Manzer
[email protected]