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Press Release
Hayward, Calif.



Chowbotics, the inventor of Sally, the world’s first fresh food robot, has just announced three key culinary hires who will lead the expansion of Sally’s food offerings. The new team is combining the customization power of robotics with culinary craft and nutritional science to challenge the status quo for on-the-go meals and snacks. The team will focus on delicious, functional foods that meet specific dietary goals or requirements for both traditional meal periods and snacks. For example, the team is currently working on an Earl Grey infused yogurt bowl featuring oat and fruit topping as an afternoon sweet pick-me-up, as well as hardy meals for hospital workers pushing through night shifts, like a Keto-friendly chicken, bacon, and broccoli bowl and nutrient-dense grain bowls.

“One of the amazing benefits of food robotics, in addition to offering fresh, healthy food 24/7, is being able to provide highly personalized nutrition and foods that serve a specific purpose,” explains CEO Rick Wilmer. “We are dedicated to helping our customers take advantage of this aspect of the technology. The expansion of our culinary expertise will allow us to create delicious meal and snack choices that are customizable to specific nutritional goals and needs.”


Keto Dish

Kang Kuan, Vice President, Culinary

Kuan joins Chowbotics after having served as Executive Research Chef and Culinary Ninja at Tyson Foods’ Innovation Lab. Prior to joining Tyson, he was Executive Chef at Morimoto Napa, during which time he appeared on Iron Chef America as Sous Chef under Iron Chef Morimoto. Kuan also worked under Chef Thomas Keller for years as Sous Chef at The French Laundry, a three Michelin star restaurant in California. Kuan holds a Masters in Food Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.




Asparagus and snap peas

Alison Negrin, Research & Development Chef

Negrin worked at several notable Bay Area restaurants, including Chez Panisse before joining John Muir Health System. There she served as Executive Chef, responsible for writing both patient and cafeteria menus for the three hospital campuses in a role that involved menu creation and recipe development, as well as special attention to nutritional needs. She has received awards from Health Care Without Harm and Women Chefs & Restaurateurs for bringing healthy and sustainably sourced food to healthcare.




Tortellini Dish

Trevor Fleshman, Culinary Product Manager

Prior to joining Chowbotics, Fleshman was Head of Product for The Town Kitchen, an Oakland-based public benefit corporation working with foster and re-entry youth. He has prior experience in food-technology, having worked as Chief Yummy Officer for EAT Club, a startup dedicated to providing high quality, convenient corporate dining experiences. As Culinary Product Manager, Fleshman works with the culinary team to develop new recipes, determine nutritional information for all ingredients and dishes, and integrate all of this into Sally’s electronic interface and programming system.



The team is working together to develop menus that optimize for health and well-being in delightful and delicious ways. “Personalized nutrition is really exciting, and Sally gives us the interface to interact with users; we could suggest a lime dressing to go with a spinach salad in order to improve the bio-absorption of the nutrients in raw spinach,” Kuan explains. “Right now food robotics is still on the cutting edge and we have the ability to become the enabler that helps everyone eat better, any time.”