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Frequently Asked Questions


As one of the first to use robots in foodservice, we are pioneering a whole new industry.
Chowbotics aims to positively impact the way people prepare meals.


Who founded Chowbotics, when, and why?

Chowbotics was founded by Deepak Sekar, Ph.D., an inventor with more than 125 patents, to bring nutritious food anywhere, anytime, made possible with robotics.

Can you give me a brief overview of the company?

Chowbotics provides nutritious food anytime, anywhere with the power of robotics. Its feature product, Sally the Robot, offers fully customizable salads, snacks, breakfast bowls, and grain bowls 24/7 for commercial venues such as offices, coworking spaces, health care facilities, universities, senior living centers, and hotels. Proprietary technology ensures precise calorie counts and protects the integrity and freshness of ingredients. With 22 canisters of ingredients, more than a thousand possible combinations and can be made in about a minute. Chowbotics was founded by Dr. Deepak Sekar, an inventor with more than one hundred patents. Rich Page, an Apple Fellow who joined Steve Jobs as Co-Founder and VP at NeXT, is Executive Chairman. Investors include Techstars Ventures and Foundry Group.

Who are your investors and how much have you raised?

Our most recent Series A-1 funding round of $11 million was led by Foundry Group and Techstars, with Geekdom Fund, v1, and the Central Texas Angel Network also participating. We raised our seed funding round of $1.3 million from the Central Texas Angel Network, Techstars, Galvanize Ventures, Geekdom Fund, v1, and an owner of 15 McDonald’s restaurants. Our Series A funding round of $5 million came from Techstars Foundry Group, Galvanize Ventures, and the Geekdom Fund.

What’s unique about Sally the Robot?

Sally’s key differentiator is that she is customizable. Sally can quickly create salads, grain bowls, breakfast bowls, and snacks with any combination of ingredients. Users can also fine tune the nutritional profile of their meal by adding or subtracting ingredients. This technology, with several patents pending, is also applicable to other cuisines and a wide variety of ingredients.

How will the ingredients stay fresh and not get soggy?

The ingredients are refrigerated at 38°, plus Sally comes with a recommended “refresh” schedule that guides the chef on how often to replace and replenish the ingredients to ensure optimal quality.  Sally’s popularity ensures ingredients are restocked often maintaining freshness and quality.

What about the technology is unique to the industry?

Sally’s proprietary technology automatically dispenses measured quantities of up to 22 ingredients – refreshed daily – to create a ready-to-eat meal any time of day. Also, ingredients stay protected and fresh in controlled temperatures minimizing the risk for foodborne illness or contamination.

How big is Sally?

Sally has a relatively small footprint – she measures 31.7″ x 33.2″ x 37.5″.

How many meals and snacks can Sally make before she has to be replenished?

Sally can create between 50-100 meals before needing to be replenished. This range is dependent on the ingredients, portion size, and bowl type selected (salad, grain bowl, breakfast bowl, or snack).

Do you plan to expand Sally into different cuisines in the future?

Yes, since Sally’s first debut as a salad robot, we’ve expanded the functionality to add grain bowls, snacks, and breakfast bowls. We are moving quickly to provide a wide variety of options, including poke bowls and acai bowls.


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