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For Eaters

Transforming the boundaries of fresh eating

Break new ground with us. People notice.

This is Fresh For All

No meal prep, no crazy lunch bills, no hassle. It’s the start of an era where fresh food is always accessible, no matter the shoes you walk in or where they take you. #freshforall

How it works

With Sally, you can eat fresh anytime, anywhere.

To request a demo, put us in contact with your cafe manager.

Fresh meals at your fingertips

Sally gives you the power to personalize fresh, delicious meals at the touch of a button.

Design a bowl you’ll love

Enjoy a chef-inspired recipe or create your own bowl.
On this menu, all substitutions are allowed.

Brisket Pasta Bowl

A hearty pasta bowl served cold. Can be warmed for extra comfort.

Bhel Puri

A classic Indian street food, this dish is a customer favorite.

Berry Crunch

Loaded with antioxidants, this bowl is a sweet treat.

Zesty Quinoa Medley

A tangy Latin quinoa bowl for customers looking for a hearty meal.

Better Protein Salad

A protein dense salad perfect for customers who want hearty and healthy.

Eat with confidence, every time.

Sally’s technology ensures your meals are made with the freshest ingredients.

Serviced Daily

Your cafe manager sources, cleans, and prepares food for Sally like he or she would for any meal.

Chilled to Perfection

Breathe easy, you’ve found your fridge away from home. Sally’s airtight container is kept at a crisp 38° for optimal freshness.

Sealed for Freshness

Unlike at salad bars, food is contained, minimizing oxidation and contact, keeping food safer and tastier.

Have Sally Make your next meal.