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It’s not exactly new news that you perform better when you put good food into your body. Healthy food, chosen specifically with a performance outcome in mind has powered professional and Olympic athletes for decades. Yes, top athletes have genetics on their side, but the very top performers are fanatical when to comes to the food they eat. They have come to realize that the right diet can give them that extra kick to shave a hundredth of a second off that 100-meter time, or feel strong going into overtime. Most top athletes have the benefit of access to the top sport nutritionists out there as well as the budgets and the time to have multiple freshly prepared meals every day.

But what about the rest of us?

While most of us are not going to go out and run a 4-minute mile, everyone can benefit from great, fresh food. Having a truly healthy lunch or dinner can leave you feeling energized. The challenge is access to this great food, at the right time and the right place. Sometimes it’s just easier to grab a bag of chips or order a pizza when you’re hungry than to whip up something yourself.

I experience the challenge of eating right versus grabbing something easy on a daily basis. I have three teenaged daughters that play lacrosse and run track. Of course, they will reach for the easiest meal they can when they return from practice, which is not always the best for them. The excuse is it’s just too hard to eat right. Not happy about this, I did an experiment during track season. I either made them a fresh meal or prepped great tasting snacks for them to have when they returned from practice and did this throughout track season. The result? They recovered faster after workouts and felt stronger when they were running.

Thankfully, track season is short. Making all of these fresh meals and snacks took some effort. The flip side is it definitely had some quick returns. The reality is eating right does take time and that’s something the majority of people have in short supply.

We need a fresh food easy button!

Imagine if you could walk into your office breakroom, the convenience store on the corner or your college student union and grab a customized, fresh, healthy salad. The technology currently exists. Via robotics, products like Sally the Salad Robot can make 1,000s of combinations of fresh food and do it fast. Innovative products like Sally can fit anywhere and finally make it easy for the average person, athlete or weekend warrior to eat right. It’s finally possible to prepare a nourishing, nutritionist-approved meal in about a minute, allowing anyone to tap into their peak performance.