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Hi, I’m Lee, one of the newest members of the Chowbotics team. The business unit I run is Off-Premise Kitchens, which basically means I sell and service Sally anywhere there are no kitchen facilities and manage the relationships which deliver fresh ingredients to Sally in these locations on a daily basis.

I spent the last 24 years working for Jason’s Deli in a variety of business development, marketing and strategic planning capacities. Prior to that, I owned a small company in Dallas called Delivery Dynamics. Delivery Dynamics provided delivery drivers, order assembly and phone support to restaurants who wanted a turn-key delivery program. This seems to be a popular service these days, lol. Yes, I was a door-dasher before Door Dash was cool.

In 1994, after selling Delivery Dynamics and going to work at Jason’s Deli, I had a tremendous feeling of opportunity because catering and delivery from restaurants was in its infancy. Few restaurants delivered, period. Your meal delivery options were pizza or Chinese. Building the catering and delivery business at Jason’s Deli was challenging. We had no catering menu, no real systems/processes, no management expertise in this fledging area. Take-out was challenging enough, much less adding 30 to 40 large catering orders on top, but the revenue opportunity was significant.

At Jason’s Deli, I had the privilege of being an entrepreneur inside the company. We built the first confirmation-based online ordering platform which later became a VC-funded company, OrderTalk. OrderTalk was recently purchased by UberEats. Also, we were first, that I know of, to integrate Point-of-sale with Salesforce for our catering sales folks in the field. I was able to lead the team that built the Jason’s Deli mobile app among other technology-accelerator projects.

Fast forward a few years and here I am at Chowbotics. I get the same goose-pimples and buzz about the opportunities for Sally that I did at Jason’s Deli in 1994. When I consider where Chowbotics fits into the foodservice robotics landscape, it’s mind-blowing. Like the catering market in 1994, the foodservice robotics industry is in its infancy. Chowbotics is first to market with a working, practical foodservice robot. Sally is a great product and a great platform for delivering a wide-variety of food experiences.

And, it’s not just about a great product, albeit necessary, it’s about great people. The folks at Chowbotics are not only brilliant, but genuinely care about one another. That’s important to me. You can have a great product, but, without a great culture, it’s not sustainable. The leadership at Chowbotics cares about culture and is on its way to becoming an enduring, great company.

I’m excited to be a part of this team and look forward to where Sally takes us in the future. I hope you reach out to me about your thoughts and Sally experiences as she enters many new markets this year. If you want a Sally for your workspace (or home if you have a generous robot budget and a personal chef), please email [email protected], or find us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Lee Greer
VP – Off-Premise Kitchens