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Have you seen your nearby restaurant undergo a makeover? Wondered why?

It turns out millennials, people aged between 20 and 35, have some pretty unique eating habits. And they spend more money in restaurants than all other age groups put together, as the above figure indicates. Restaurant chains are undergoing some pretty dramatic makeovers to appeal to this demographic. In this blog post, I’ll share some eating habits of millennials. I found it fascinating (partly because I’m a millennial myself!)

What are eating habits of millennials?

The below figure shows results of many, many surveys. Here’s a brief review of the results:

  • Customizable food is in.
  • Organic, unprocessed ingredients are important.
  • Eating is an experience – it is meant to entertain!
  • Millennials are not morning people! Restaurants targeting millennials may want to stay
    open late.
  • Health information and good nutrition numbers are crucial.

What does all this mean for robotics?

At Chowbotics, we want to help restaurants and other food businesses succeed with robotics. So, we’ve carefully studied these trends to make sure our robots have the above qualities.
Our robots can provide thousands of customization options and make these food items within a few moments. Robots don’t need to sleep. If restaurant owners want to stay open late and find it hard to recruit employees for late night roles, robots can help. Robots also provide plenty of entertainment for millennials – the millennials who’ve played with our robots have had so much fun!

Our robots give near-perfect portion control, too. One can find out the nutrition information of their customized meal and control their serving – right down to the last calorie.