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Our Culinary Approach

You make it delicious. Sally makes it possible.

Technology in the food space is nothing if it doesn’t deliver delicious food. That’s why we put the power to design the perfect meal in your hands.

From yogurts, to salads, to grains, take a peek at all that Sally can do

Brisket Pasta Bowl

A hearty pasta bowl served cold. Can be warmed for extra comfort.

Bhel Puri

A classic Indian street food, this dish is a customer favorite.

Berry Crunch

Loaded with antioxidants, this bowl is a sweet treat.

Zesty Quinoa Medley

A tangy Latin quinoa bowl for customers looking for a hearty meal.

Better Protein Salad

A protein dense salad perfect for customers who want hearty and healthy.

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Freshest Ingredients

Crafting the perfect menu starts with the freshest ingredients. With Sally, serve up to 22 of your best ingredients from spiced pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, fire-roasted corn, cucumbers, walnuts… you get the picture. With over 150 approved ingredients, you can source the food that best fits your customers and serve it safely with Sally’s airtight container that protects from tamper and touch.

Empower your

Culinary Team

From those 22 ingredients, our culinary experts perfect seasonal menus that feature salads, grain bowls, yogurt bowls, and snacks. Explore flavors inspired by the cuisines of India, Latin America, the Mediterranean and more. With this optionality, your chefs can collaborate with us to craft a menu your customers will love.

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Personalize Like Never Before

With over 1,000 possibilities, Sally offers your customers complete customization with made-to-order bowls that cover all dietary preferences including paleo, heart-healthy, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

No matter what your customers choose, each meal comes with complete nutritional information and precise portions — so meals are as balanced and satisfying as they are tasty.

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With Real-Time Data

With our Analysis Portal you have full control. Receive automatic alerts ensuring you never miss a depleted ingredient and that your robot’s temperature is always optimum. Track best-selling dishes to perfect your menu. Analyze sales and time trends to improve performance.

With real-time data at your fingertips, you’ll find productivity has never tasted quite this good.

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