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Our Solutions

Putting Robotics to Delicious Use

Starting with Sally, the world’s first fresh food robot, we’re building a safer path to customizable meals and snacks. Sally uses groundbreaking robotics to assemble delicious meals from ingredients that are contained and protected. It’s innovative technology that enables fresh food for more people in more places.

Explore the safest self-serve experience

Maximize your ROI with Sally’s full-service ecosystem

Break new ground with us. People notice.

Hospitals on the frontlines rely on Sally for safe fresh meals

See what fresh food
robotics can do for you

Deliver What Your Customers Want Most

Total Customization

Fill Sally with up to 22 of your best ingredients to deliver customizable salads, grain bowls, breakfast bowls, and snacks in just 90 seconds, any time of day.

Real-time transparency

Enable smarter food choices by providing full nutritional information including calories, carbs, fiber, fat, and protein that update with every custom choice.

Freshen Up Your Food Service Capabilities

Easy and fast

Plug in Sally and you’re ready to serve fresh meals in a 3’x3’ space. Then easily wheel Sally to new locations to capitalize on events and reach more people.

Less waste, less cost

Serve ~65 meals before replacing ingredients and keep food fresher longer with 38 degree refrigeration, so you can run through the night without extra labor costs.

A taste of what Sally can do

Experiential Menus

Bowls that showcase the flavors of worldly cuisines like poke bowls, a Mediterranean bar, Southeast Asian bowls, and more.

Salads & Grain Bowls

Classic or customizable salads that feature fresh veggies, hearty grains, proteins, and nuts.

Breakfast & Snacks

Cereal, greek yogurt, and other versatile snack offerings that are delicious any time of day.

Full Spec Sheet

Electrical Rating20A Dedicated Service
12VAC, 20A, 60Hz (NEMA 5-15R)
Refrigeration SystemRefrigerant: R134-a
ConnectivityEthernet | Cellular
Tablet Display Size15.6”
ChowboticsTV Screen32′ LED (720p)
Weight750 lb
Dimensions with Chowbotics TV*31 3/4”W | 41”D | 90”H
Install Clearance with ChowboticsTV8″ for both sides & back, 24″ for top
Dimensions Including Clearance47 3/4” W | 49” D | 114” H
Separate Ingredient Canisters22
Total Combinations of Bowls>1000
Number of Bowls Before Refilling400-100**
Bowl Storage Capacity70 bowls and lids
Stand Door MaterialAcrylic with magnetic closure
CastersSwivel with brake

*Sally arrives without ChowboticsTV attached with dimensions of 313/4” W | 38” D | 73” H
**Depends on ingredients, portion size, and bowl type

8” Min clearance on all sides | Maximum height measurements. Legs are adjustable.We recommend an outlet cover to prevent your Sally from being unplugged.

Tap into all Sally can do for you.