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Two years back, when we first debuted a prototype of Sally the Salad Robot at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, we were the only robots in town. We’ve moved Sally from prototype to product now and are shipping to customers nationwide. At this year’s NRA show, I was excited to see that others are joining the food robotics party too! Robotics has become a major trend!

In this blog post, I’ll show the robots I saw at NRA this year.

Sally the Salad Robot

Of course, I’m going to start off showing a pic of our baby! At NRA this year, we announced how how we’ve extended Sally beyond salads, to quinoa bowls, snacks and breakfast.








Cocktail robot 

Here, I am with Akshet Tiwari, the CEO of Barsys.









Here I’m with my buddy Rehman, the Founder and CEO of Teabot.








Reis and Irvy’s

I’m trying out the Reis and Irvy’s frozen yogurt robot here! The Chairman, Nick, and I hit it talked robots for a while!

Bear Robotics

These guys are doing something similar to my friends at Starship and Savioke, where they deliver food. Here’s a video.