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When we first introduced Sally the Robot, she was focused on salads. Our team felt we should start off with something that was simple to make. We could always add more food types later.

Later has arrived. We’re excited to announce that Sally can now make grain bowls, yogurt bowls as well as ethnic cuisine such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, French, Thai and others! This is in addition to our salad offerings!

Below are some sample menus from Sally. Please click on any of the pictures to see the menu. We’ve been testing these menus in house at Chowbotics – the level of excitement about these menus has been unparalleled. Sally gets emptied out in no time at all. We’re seeing employees often heat up their Sally dispensed bowls in the office microwave and get warm food too.


I’ve shown below some bowls made with Sally recently that are popular with our employees. We’re excited about working with our partners and customers to bring Sally’s fresh, amazing food to locations across America and Canada. Isn’t it exciting that a robot can provide such amazing food anytime, anywhere?